Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Letter 09/03/2013 Area: Manassas Park, VA

Wow what a crazy week! Today I have officially been out for two months! Which is kinda weird to think about, in some ways it seems longer, and in some ways a lot shorter. Since yesterday was labor day, we get to E-mail today. But back to my mission. Earlier in the week we talked to Carlos (Name is switched) and He talked to us about his life back in Mexico, and I will tell you what, I have had my life handed to me on a silver plate, This man has done and seen things I cant even imagine, his life, and his family has been threatened by the mafia, he has been involved in corrupted government, and it is just so sad. We where able to give him a blessing, and it really tugged on the heart strings to see this man break down and cry. The next day we had a lesson with Louis-a seventh day Adventist- we knocked into him (meaning tracked his house.). And at first he was really Anti-Mormon. Thought we were wrong, but we have met with him twice and now he seems to be opening up a little. :)
This Sunday we had the opportunity, and the set up to have 12 investigators at church, which would have been very impressive, but we instead had a grand total of 0. I was admittedly pretty bummed. But its okay, we will get them next time. I also got to participate in my first baby blessing, and confirmation of the Holy Ghost. Which was really awesome. We went back to the El Salvadorian BBQ but only 2 of the 4 where home, but we still had an awesome lesson, and the spirit was their. They seemed to ask the perfect questions, they were just seeking the truth and I was just so happy to see the spirit help us answer the questions, we asked them to be baptized, and they didn't say yes. WHICH IS AWESOME! because they said: We want to learn more, and learn for ourselves, we think your church is wonderful, but we just want to learn more first. That is so good, because it means they really thought about it. They really want to learn more, They didn't just say yes to be nice (which happens a lot with Hispanics). They are Truth seekers. But I love it. P-day, I got to visit the DC temple, and do a session it was SO AWESOME!! The temple is really cool. Yesterday after P-day ended we went and taught a lesson to a former, and it was really good as well, they where receptive, and open. Said they wanted to come to church, we didn't even have to invite them. but the bad news is: I might get bed bugs, the apartment was filthy and had bugs crawling all over. It was really humbling to see all this.
The Language is still tough, and completely exhausting. But It is so worth it. And the power of faith and prayer are so real. Jesus Christ lives, and he atoned for all of our sins.
D&C 121:7-8
Peace, and sometimes are "foes" aren't people.
Con Amor,
Elder Mason Paul Reid

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