Monday, August 26, 2013

First Week 08/26/2013 Area: Manassas Park, VA

Oh how time flies. I seriously cant believe the time can go by this fast. I would love to share all the experiences I have had here, but honestly that just isn't possible. I mean one day could fill up an entire letter. So I will just kinda go over the highlights and the good stuff. :)
The day I arrived we got to go to Lincoln Memorial, and the reflecting pool, and see the Washington Monument. It is all so cool. I haven't gotten to see Arlington, but I will probably go next P-day. But the coolest thing is, that isn't even what I am excited for. I mean I just want to get out there and talk to people. I mean my job is to talk to people, provide service, and bring people the gospel. My job rocks!! Then again it is a lot of work. I mean, first off, my Spanish...might have been the best in the MTC but out here...well the people speak a lot faster, and they have some thick accents, especially those from El Salvador. (which means "The Savior" in Spanish). But I think it is so cool. I mean two days ago I was just in the ghetto, (like an area where we don't go in after dark because people die ghetto) And I just talked with this African American who had a very interesting view on the gospel, and how he says: People just think to much. I told him: Your probably right, but sometimes I think people don't think enough. He was doing the timing on his truck, and I was able to use his distributor  and his ignition timing as an analogy about how you have to have the right balance, not too early and not too late.
That isn't even the best story, yesterday we received a referral to this house, and when we knocked, this lady just greets us, and without even knowing who we are, or what we do, just lets us in, and takes us to her back porch  its her and her family cooking a legit El Salvadorian Barbeque, with Churizo, and all the delicious meat. Well we begin to teach, and of course my companions take the lead because...Well his Spanish exceeds A LOT!! And we just begin talking, and I couldn't believe it. They were so open and loving, they asked us such good questions, and wanted to read, wanted to hear more. We asked if they wanted us to head out so they could eat their food, and the next thing we know we have a HUGE plate of meat, and rice and they are feeding us. I mean I could literally not eat that much food, BUT I DID!! And it was so good!! But yes they said they had began to read the bible, because they just wanted to know the truth, they invited us back this Wednesday and Sunday to talk more about the church. I am so excited.
It is amazing all the little and simple miracles we see everyday. Honestly it is so wonderful, and I am so blessed. Another thing I wanted to talk about is familys, I have always come from such a tight family, A family where we love each other, and I come here and I am so surprised at how the media, and mainstream is out there to destroy the family, destroy the need for marraige, and the need for unity in the family, it seems like NOBODY cares anymore. Well I am here to say that family is not just a Utah thing, it is amazing that as we talk about the gospel, and how much it blesses familys, and helps familys is THAT is what people want to hear. They want their family to be closer, and have more love. And the gospel is what can bring it. I love it!
 I have two companions one is a native uraguaian. and the from sandy utah. Both have been out in the field for 21 months, so in their terms I am the trainee that will KILL them. (killing just means I am the last person the will be training before they leave.) When you arrive in the mission you are "Born" when you leave, you "die". Its funny. But I love my companions, and I have learned a lot. So happy to be here.

Elder Mason Paul Reid

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