Monday, September 29, 2014

Blog Letter 09/29/2014

Hey everyone!

I hope you are all doing great!

I am super excited for General Conference this week. I always try to think of some questions or doubts that I really want the Lord to answer, and he always answers. I have a huge testimony of that. I invite all of you to think about some questions that you would like the Lord to answer. I know that he will answer you through his servants. 

This week has been great! We have been teaching and finding a lot of people. A couple of days ago we were going to begin to contact. It was kind of a hot day and we weren't exactly excited to contact, but we decided to do it. We knocked or clapped the first door and a lady came out. My companion said "Hey, we are missionaries and we are sharing a message." She said "Cool, would you like to come in." Well, obviously we would like to come in! It was a really good lesson and she was really nice. We explained to her the Restoration and we gave her a Book of Mormon.

We have had a lot of good lessons this week. We have had a lot of people really be honest with us and share the problems they are having, and we have been able to help them. It was really a great week. 

I love you all!

Elder Mason Paul Reid

Monday, September 22, 2014

Blog Lettter 9/22/2014

Family and Friends!

Alright I have to begin this letter getting upset at all of you! I was told by my only true friend over there in Utah that some people have been making fun of me for my spelling of the word Delicious. I would like to explain that spelling was NEVER my strongest attribute, and count learning another language in on top of it just doesnt help at all. And the only time I write in english is to you guys, and the computers here are programmed to spanish so they dont help me with word check. 

I dont know who, or when, but I expect no more of this burlando of my spelling. I love you all. :) (Shout out to Riley you are the greatest).

This week has been awesome we really have seen a lot of blessings, and seen a lot of miracles, we have found quite a few new familys, and seen a lot of people coming back to church. 

This last saturday we had the goal to teach 6 lessons in one day. WE had the plans and we headed out, well we were going good up until the fifth lesson, it got cancelled on us, and we only had 30 minutes until the planned 6th lesson. So we decided to start knocking doors. I then remembered the house of an old contact that had relatives from our church, we knocked, and the husband who I have never talked to opened the door, and talked to us, he offered us water and told us to pass in. We got in and taught a short lesson. We then went and completed our 6th lesson. It was a blessing from the lord for our faith, and diligence. It was amazing to do, and we felt great. And every single one of those lessons were good lessons, that really helped the people. 

I also had a really awesome baptism interview with a 10 year old girl. She was so gosh dang sweet. And she knew everything! She told me about when she knelt down to pray about the book of mormon, and how she had felt a silence come over her. And she knew the book was true. 

That girl is 10 years old. That is a true testimony, I felt the spirit of it! It was so awesome!

This week has been a blessing for me. 
Elder Mason Paul Reid

Monday, September 15, 2014

Letter 9/15/2014

Elder Reid is kind of struggling with his English a little bit...

Family and friends!

The weeks are just flying buy! I cant believe how fast all of it goes. It is really scary. This week has been a really busy week. And it was also full of traveling as well as the other week. We had Leadership Counsel with President Zanni. It was a really good meeting. But the trip to and from Rosario can be a little exhausting. Me and Elder T. did eat McDonalds which just makes everything better. 

Now we have the special p-day when all 22 missionarys from the zone get together, and we have some fun, and then we have our zone meeting afterwards. We are planning on cooking and eating Choripanes. Which is Chorizo sandwhiches with tomatoe and lettuce. With a good potatoe salad on the side. Potatoe salad style Argentinian. It is going to be delicouse. 

Randmo fact, before the mission I really did not like tomatoes, or peaches. But my family will be suprised to learn that I LOVE THEM! Wow, you just cant have a good sandwhich or salad without tomatoe. :) 

I really hope you guys now that I love you all so much. I am so grateful to be here on the mission. There is no other place I would rather be. It is a privelige to be on the mission. To be allowed to carry the name of The Lord on my plate. 

I know the Lord sacrificed his life for us. He knows us, and knows every trial and difficulty we have. He is mighty to save. He loves us. and he wants to forgive us. 

As it says in D&C 45:3-5 Christ is our lawyer, our friend, and through him we will gain mercy. 

I love this work. 
Elder Mason Paul Reid

Monday, September 8, 2014

Blog Letter 09/08/2014

Hey family!

How are all you doing? I am doing great. It has been a great week for us. We have been working a lot, and doing a lot of good things. This week has been kinda crazy. 

We went to Santa Fe to have a conference with President Zeballos from the Quorum of the Seventy. He talked about a lot of things, but most of it had to do with love. He talked about how everything we do and say should be based on our love for the Lord and for other people. Without charity we are nothing. 

It was really fun to be in the conference. It was with half the mission so I got to see a lot of my good friends that I haven't seen since December. I also got to eat Subway for the first time in almost a year. I never thought black olives, ranch and barbecue sauce could taste so good, but it was expensive...

The trip took a long time, we left Concordia at 2:15 A.M and got to ParanĂ¡ at 5:50 A.M, then we took a bus to Santa Fe and got there at 7:00 A.M. We then had the meeting from 9:00-1:00 P.M and took a bus at 5:30 P.M to ParanĂ¡ and when we got there ALL the buses where taken so we ended up taking a bus at 1:25 in the morning. It was a bus for all the people that live in the little towns, so it took us 9 hours to get back to Concordia. So all in all I had been in my suit for about 33 hours. We didn't get to sleep at all because we got back at about 10 and it was a shower and off to work However, the trip was worth it and was a lot of fun. I really enjoyed it. 

My companion and I are doing great! We found a family that we are hoping to be able to baptize. It is a family of 6 and they are really nice. 

I hope you are all doing great I love you all!
Elder Mason Paul Reid

Monday, September 1, 2014

Blog Letter 09/01/2014

Hello everyone! How are you all doing?

This week has been really awesome. We have had a good week and we have had a lot of fun. We should be having quite a bit of success here in not too much time. 

Elder T. has been getting to know the zone and the area here. He is a great guy, and I don't just say that cause he is from Spanish Fork. :) 

We have a lot of new elders and hermanas in the zone, so it has been really cool to be with them and see there progression. Most of them just came from the MTC, and they are now seeing and experiencing a lot of new things. We are living with Elder I. and his new companion is Elder F. He is a good kid as well who is trying to learn Spanish. It always makes me think back when I had just began the mission, and really had to try hard to understand and speak the language. 

I have learned so many great things this week. A couple of notable things that I would like to talk about are the importance of responsibility, faith, and knowing who we are. 

I have seen the difference in elders as they are moved from being junior comp, to senior comp or to trainer and the difference is significant. I think when we realize the weight of our actions, especially in the sense of the effect they have on other people or how big our responsibilities are we change and we become better. It is really important that we magnify our callings even if our callings are just son, daughter, brother, sister, mom, or dad. All of those things are really important and effect a lot of people. 

I was studying the other day about faith. I started reading a little bit about the brother of Jared. He had so much faith, was such a great guy, had to deal with a lot of stuff, a lot of responsibility, and the entire time he probably had people doubting his ability's about building a boat, having air, having light, and a mountain of other things. However, he held strong and through his faith, not doubting anything he saw the finger of God, and eventually God himself, and all his creations. That is faith!

Me and Elder T. have been asking a lot of questions to each other lately just getting to know each other better. Well we stumbled upon three questions that are really difficult but to me they seem really important. They are: Who was I in the past? Who am I now? And who do I want to be? A simple answer would be a child of God, but that is a simple answer, and it requires no effort, everyone is a child of God. Don't get me wrong that is a big deal, but who are we going to become? Who are we right now? and who were we? Behavior, personality, likes, dislikes, faults, strengths? When we know those things we can begin to improve, and we can begin to not only be called children of God, but become like God! 

This is a long letter. Thanks for reading it, I hope you are all doing great!
I love you so much,
Elder Mason Paul Reid