Monday, November 24, 2014

Blog Letter 11/24/2014


This week has been WONDERFUL! We have had a great week this week! I have a lot I would like to share with you guys, but very little time to do it! First of I would like to share a quote that is really popular but I feel like I need to share it.

There are two kinds of people in this world, those who act, and those who get acted upon. 

This week we visited a lot of people, and as a missionary its wonderfu to be able to see the fruit of your labor, and this week we saw it, many of the people we visited came to church, the church was full, and it was amazing to see! I was really really happy. But on top of that we have some even better news. 

D is an investigator of ours, she is also an active and faithful Jehovas Witness we had been teaching her a lot, and we weren't seeing a lot of progress, and the doctrine of her church and ours are very distinct on very important subjects. We always tried to teach her without letting it turn into bible bashing. We finally decided that what she needed was something out of our power to give her, on the 18th of October we fasted for her. With a lot of faith that she would get an answer. After fasting it seemed like nothing had changed, we continued to visit her, but we did it less frequently, and we felt a little bummed she had not recieved an answer, or that God had not answered our fast. 

Well as always The Lord never faileth. Deuternomy 31:6. But I had forgotten that his ways are not our ways, nor his times our times. Isaiah 55:8. 

This last week D went to the Buenos Aires temple with a member, she obvisouly could not go in, but she could be in the gardens, well while she was their she met up with a member who had lost her temple recommend and couldn't go in, after talking to the member, and being on the temple ground she felt the spirit and has decided to be baptized. MIRACLES!! The Lord ALWAYS answers the prayers of his servants! 

I invite you all to visit a website that the church is putting in. I believe it began this week. Look up Its a huge giant move the church is doing, including buying advertisement in New York, and also on Youtube. Its a big thing, our mission president has talked to us about it. We will be putting it in practice this next little while. Dont ever forget that 

I love you all so much! You are all amazing people! Dont ever forget who you are, and that God loves you!

Elder Mason Paul Reid

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Blog Letter 11/18/2014

The Reid and Reidhead are staying together!

That's the good news about transfers! Me and Reidhead are going to be together for another six weeks! It should be really fun! I am super excited! We are gong to have a lot of fun, and work really hard this transfer! 

I am really enjoying my mission so far. I think one of my favorite parts about my mission, or one of the things I enjoy doing the most is teaching. I love teaching people. I love using the scriptures, and being able to help people grow their knowledge. It's one of my favorite, if not my favorite part of being a missionary. 

Part of being able to teach is studying. As the scriptures say we have to gain a knowledge of these things and study them before we can teach them. I have learned to love and enjoy daily scripture study. I love being able to know the scriptures. 

Our mission president has talked a lot lately on how to get the members to grow to love and read the scriptures daily. If we read the scriptures daily with joy and search them, we will always be blessed with the spirit, and we will stay strong in the gospel. I invite you all to read and study the scriptures more diligently. Memorize scriptures and share them with your friends and family. I promise that if you do, you will grow closer to Christ! If you feel like your faith is waning, that something is lacking in your life, or that something is just not right. Look back and reflect on your study of the Book of Mormon, and your diligence in prayer, make goals to be better, and do those things.

I love you all so much!
Elder Mason Paul Reid

Monday, November 10, 2014

Blog Letter 11/10/2014

Hola everyone!

How are you all doing? I would have to say that you are all struck with a little bit of Baby Fever. I am glad to see that little baby Kelton has been so well welcomed into the family. I would be surprised if he ever gets set down, or if there is ever a time he is not being held and cuddled. :) 

I am far away from Utah so I feel pretty safe saying that I still think new born babies look like aliens. Kelton is a cute alien, but an alien none the less. Nah, I love my cute little Nephew already I am super excited to see him and get to know him. 

This week has been really awesome. A lot of really fun things happened, and we have been working hard, and helping the zone here grow. 

Some big things that happened: 

I was able to give the Holy Ghost to our Convert: the spirit was very strong, and it was a wonderful feeling inside that sacrament meeting, we also had our highest attendance I have seen yet. WOO!!

At church on Sunday there was a really nice guy that has struggled with drugs, and even though now he is clean he suffers a lot from the side effects both mental and physical. Well, he passed out in Sacrament meeting and we had to carry him out. An ambulance came and picked him up. 

As we were walking home on Sunday we thought a group of guys was going to rob us, so we started doing the classic: Evade getting robbed missionary style. As I was walking I looked behind me to see if the guys were still following us. Out of the blue the ground disappeared from under me and my left leg disappeared into an abyss. Turns out the sidewalk was missing some panels, and I fell right through with my left leg. Other than a couple of scratches and a bruised ego I am fine, and we didn't get robbed. 

Sunday was quite the day. :)

All in all we are doing really good, we are teaching a lot, and I can feel the progression. I love you all so much!!

Elder Mason Paul Reid

Monday, November 3, 2014

Blog Letter 11/03/2014


I hope you have all wished my little sister Happy Birthday today!! Cause she is know 18, and is super old. Which makes her parents even older! So feel old everyone!! :):)

This week has been awesome! Lets start this out with last Monday, after emailing you guys we ran into the USA Men's Softball team in McDonald's, this has been the second time we ran into them. But it was fun to talk to them, and we also helped them order there food, seeing as how they didn't speak Spanish, after talking to one of the players we got invited to go to the hotel to buy a shirt, and get it signed by the players. So we went and got shirts, and free hats. Then they got signed by the players and the coaches including the president of the ASA! Which is really really awesome!

R GOT BAPTIZED!! So awesome! I am super excited for her she is going to be an awesome member for the church! The baptism was wonderful even though we had a couple of minor problems, but we solved them, and it was a great baptism. Elder R performed the ordinance. It was a super super good baptism!

I completed 1 year in Argentina this week! Which is cool!

I also have another crazy story, from two weeks ago. I forget to tell you guys.

 I was walking around with Elder M (one of the assistants) and we contacted a guy who did "umbanda" (Black magic) and he asks us if we had heard of this thing called Mánu, and we said no, and then he points to these two huge bull heads that apparently he had sacrificed, and then points to this little like caged dog house and says do you know what Macumba is? and we say NO. And he says in that box I have Macumba, and explains it has something to do with black magic, and right about then we decided it was about time we left. ha ha. Pretty crazy stuff.  

All in all, this week has been awesome and really eventful!! I hope you are all doing great and living the happy life! I love you all and pray for you!!

Elder Mason Paul Reid