Monday, November 3, 2014

Blog Letter 11/03/2014


I hope you have all wished my little sister Happy Birthday today!! Cause she is know 18, and is super old. Which makes her parents even older! So feel old everyone!! :):)

This week has been awesome! Lets start this out with last Monday, after emailing you guys we ran into the USA Men's Softball team in McDonald's, this has been the second time we ran into them. But it was fun to talk to them, and we also helped them order there food, seeing as how they didn't speak Spanish, after talking to one of the players we got invited to go to the hotel to buy a shirt, and get it signed by the players. So we went and got shirts, and free hats. Then they got signed by the players and the coaches including the president of the ASA! Which is really really awesome!

R GOT BAPTIZED!! So awesome! I am super excited for her she is going to be an awesome member for the church! The baptism was wonderful even though we had a couple of minor problems, but we solved them, and it was a great baptism. Elder R performed the ordinance. It was a super super good baptism!

I completed 1 year in Argentina this week! Which is cool!

I also have another crazy story, from two weeks ago. I forget to tell you guys.

 I was walking around with Elder M (one of the assistants) and we contacted a guy who did "umbanda" (Black magic) and he asks us if we had heard of this thing called Mánu, and we said no, and then he points to these two huge bull heads that apparently he had sacrificed, and then points to this little like caged dog house and says do you know what Macumba is? and we say NO. And he says in that box I have Macumba, and explains it has something to do with black magic, and right about then we decided it was about time we left. ha ha. Pretty crazy stuff.  

All in all, this week has been awesome and really eventful!! I hope you are all doing great and living the happy life! I love you all and pray for you!!

Elder Mason Paul Reid

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