Monday, November 10, 2014

Blog Letter 11/10/2014

Hola everyone!

How are you all doing? I would have to say that you are all struck with a little bit of Baby Fever. I am glad to see that little baby Kelton has been so well welcomed into the family. I would be surprised if he ever gets set down, or if there is ever a time he is not being held and cuddled. :) 

I am far away from Utah so I feel pretty safe saying that I still think new born babies look like aliens. Kelton is a cute alien, but an alien none the less. Nah, I love my cute little Nephew already I am super excited to see him and get to know him. 

This week has been really awesome. A lot of really fun things happened, and we have been working hard, and helping the zone here grow. 

Some big things that happened: 

I was able to give the Holy Ghost to our Convert: the spirit was very strong, and it was a wonderful feeling inside that sacrament meeting, we also had our highest attendance I have seen yet. WOO!!

At church on Sunday there was a really nice guy that has struggled with drugs, and even though now he is clean he suffers a lot from the side effects both mental and physical. Well, he passed out in Sacrament meeting and we had to carry him out. An ambulance came and picked him up. 

As we were walking home on Sunday we thought a group of guys was going to rob us, so we started doing the classic: Evade getting robbed missionary style. As I was walking I looked behind me to see if the guys were still following us. Out of the blue the ground disappeared from under me and my left leg disappeared into an abyss. Turns out the sidewalk was missing some panels, and I fell right through with my left leg. Other than a couple of scratches and a bruised ego I am fine, and we didn't get robbed. 

Sunday was quite the day. :)

All in all we are doing really good, we are teaching a lot, and I can feel the progression. I love you all so much!!

Elder Mason Paul Reid

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