Monday, June 30, 2014

Letter 06/30/2014

¡Una Gran Semana!

This week has been a crazy week full of ups and downs, but all in all I am doing great! It seems like in this week, and this coming week a lot of stuff is happening. We will be getting a new mission president, President Giuliani leaves to Provo, Utah Tomorrow. Our new mission president will get here today. President Zani is his name. 

This Thursday we as zone leaders get to go and have a meeting with him. It should be really cool to meet him, and see what he has planned for the mission. As missionary's we are expecting a lot of new things. 

This Thursday as well marks my One year mark!! How crazy is that! I can't believe it! It should be a pretty good day, we are probably going to have to celebrate it with a little bit of ice cream at least, maybe even a burger from Mcdonalds. :) 

This week I have learned a lot about prayer. Prayer is such a powerful tool. It is what gives us the ability to comunicate with our Father in Heaven. The tool that gives us answers to questions, and brings down blessings. How amazing is that? We invited an older gentleman to pray to know if this church is true. He said he wanted to and that he loved listening to us, and hearing the word of God. We had talked about baptism and he asked us if a regular person like him could get baptized? How great of a question is that!! We told him yes, and that we would love to help him get ready to be baptized. He said that he wanted to start getting ready, but he knew first he had to pray. 

I invite anyone who is reading this to really think about your relationship with your Heavenly Father, He is your FATHER!! He wants to hear from you. Talk to him through the power of prayer! 

This week has been a week of learning, and a week of good expieriences. I love you all!!

Elder Mason Paul Reid

Monday, June 23, 2014

Blog Letter 06/23/2014

Hello World!

How are you all doing? I am doing really good here! It has been a great week. We have been really busy, but it has been really fun. We had to travel to Paraná it's another city about 5 hours from here. We had a meeting there and we had to leave at about 10 on Monday to get there in time for the meeting  since there wasn't another bus to take. The meeting wasTuesday in the morning, after the meeting we had to take another bus back to our area. So in the 24 hours I was traveling 10 of them, and couldn't sleep on the first was a LOOONG day, but we had a lot of laughs and enjoyed it anyways.

Lately, I have seen a lot of things and been in a lot of situations that really made me think differently. I find it amazing the difference the Lord can make in our lives if we really open up our will to him. A lot of the times we ask for something in prayer, without really being willing to accept the answer. It's as if we want an answer but only on our terms. We want an answer that is convenient to us, but the Lord is sometimes inconvenient. There is an elder in our zone, and he said something that I found really deep. He said: "There is no comfort in the growth zone, and there is no growth in the comfort zone." That is really deep and true. Sometimes the Lord is going to ask us to stretch so that he can bless us. 

We need to face every problem, every challenge with faith and enthusiasm. 

I hope you all are doing great! I sure am. We have a lot work we are doing here. We only have an average of about 30 people attending in our branch, and we really are working a lot to help grow the branch. The branch president is new to his calling so we are working really close with him. He is a great guy, but he has a lot of responsibility's. 

All in all this new area is a WHOLE new experience, but I am loving it! I love you all!!

Elder Mason Paul Reid
D&C 76 5-10

Monday, June 16, 2014

Blog Letter 06/16/2014

Hey family!

I hope you are all doing great. I am going to have to keep this letter a little short, but I wanted to tell you all that, I am doing great! We are working like crazy. But I am loving it! I know,I also promised photos, but you are going to have to wait one more week. We are in Concordia and we are really busy but doing really good. 

With the World Cup starting we have had a lot of fun experiences. We have to adjust our schedule just to be able to work well and have to plan lessons when games aren't being played. When Argentina plays... well you know it. The fans here are really really loyal. You have bombs and fire works going off when they make goals, people yelling in the streets. Really it's all just good patriotism to them. 

I have learned a lot lately about obedience. We know that the first law of Heaven is obedience. I know that is true. I know that it is so important that we obey our Father in Heaven, and when we are obedient we get blessings. 

I am sorry I can't write more. But I will write more next week.

I love you all!
Elder Mason Paul Reid

Monday, June 9, 2014

Letter 06/09/2014

Bienvenidos a Concordia!

Hello everyone! I am doing great here in Argentina! I am loving my new area, zone, and city. Let me explain to you all a little bit about my new area. Our pench is awesome! We live on the tenth floor of a giant apartment complex, that is really cool. The pench recently got renewed, so it looks really good. It is really big and the best part is that the shower actually comes from the pipe. We don't have to heat water up on the stove and pour it in a bucket anymore!! We live with four people. 

Our area is called Concordia, it is really close to Uruguay. As in I can see Uruguay from my area. We are only seperated by a river. I actually plan on going to a piere type thing and trying to throw a rock to Uruguay today. 

Our zone here is the biggest Zone in the mission. In bus it would take 7 hours to get from one end of our zone to the other. In Rosario (my last zone) we could travel from one end to the other in an hour or so. But, it is really awesome! I am loving it here! I am sorry that I don't have photos this week. I forget to bring my camera with me to the cyber today. But I promise photos next week!

My area is called Nébel. In Nebel there is a little ditch/stream that crosses our area. There is also a thick pipe that crosses said ditch They call it the Nebel Challenge to cross said pipe and not fall. So, I started to cross, and almost fall, catch myself, and keep going, well I start to fall again and make a leap to land on the cement on the other side. I made it, but I may or may not have ripped a pair of pants, For my parents that read this, the rip is small and can be fixed. But, I did scratch my leg, I have some good photos of that. :) It was really awesome! 

I would just like to end this e-mail telling you all that whatever we do, whatever we say, however we act. We should do it for Jesus Christ. We should read our scriptures, go to church, pray, serve others, all because we love Christ. Because he is our Savior. Because he sacrificed himself to save us. I know this church is true. I know Christ loves us! 

Elder Mason Paul Reid
Alma 7:11-12

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Letter 06/03/2014

Adiós Villa Gobernador Galvez,

As the title says I will be leaving Villa Galvez. I am full of a lot of mixed feelings. After being here for 7 months and a week, well I feel like I am leaving another home. I have created a lot of great and powerful friendships. I have made friends that will stay with me for the rest of my life. It's so hard to say goodbye to the people here. I love them as my family, and I am so grateful for the opportunities and blessings I have had here. President Giuliani was talking to us and talked about how here in the mission we will meet and make friends that will stay with us even into eternity. I know that is true. I have found them here. 

I will be going to Entre Rios. It is another province (state) of Argentina. It is the biggest Zone in the Mission. I am excited to go. I will be a Zone leader there. For all of you who don't know, missions are made up of zones and districts, here in the Rosario mission there are 12 zones. In each zone there are about 20 missionaries give or take. Those missionaries are split up in districts, in each district there are 3-4 companionship's. I don't really know very much about Entre Rios, but I am excited to see what it has in store. It should be a lot different then here in Galvez.

The wonderful thing about the gospel is that no matter what happens in our lives, no matter how foreign or new something may be. We can always take confort in the fact that through the Holy Ghost we are NEVER alone. I know this gospel is true. I love it.

I love every single one of you. I hope you are all happy and doing great.

Elder Mason Paul Reid