Monday, June 9, 2014

Letter 06/09/2014

Bienvenidos a Concordia!

Hello everyone! I am doing great here in Argentina! I am loving my new area, zone, and city. Let me explain to you all a little bit about my new area. Our pench is awesome! We live on the tenth floor of a giant apartment complex, that is really cool. The pench recently got renewed, so it looks really good. It is really big and the best part is that the shower actually comes from the pipe. We don't have to heat water up on the stove and pour it in a bucket anymore!! We live with four people. 

Our area is called Concordia, it is really close to Uruguay. As in I can see Uruguay from my area. We are only seperated by a river. I actually plan on going to a piere type thing and trying to throw a rock to Uruguay today. 

Our zone here is the biggest Zone in the mission. In bus it would take 7 hours to get from one end of our zone to the other. In Rosario (my last zone) we could travel from one end to the other in an hour or so. But, it is really awesome! I am loving it here! I am sorry that I don't have photos this week. I forget to bring my camera with me to the cyber today. But I promise photos next week!

My area is called NĂ©bel. In Nebel there is a little ditch/stream that crosses our area. There is also a thick pipe that crosses said ditch They call it the Nebel Challenge to cross said pipe and not fall. So, I started to cross, and almost fall, catch myself, and keep going, well I start to fall again and make a leap to land on the cement on the other side. I made it, but I may or may not have ripped a pair of pants, For my parents that read this, the rip is small and can be fixed. But, I did scratch my leg, I have some good photos of that. :) It was really awesome! 

I would just like to end this e-mail telling you all that whatever we do, whatever we say, however we act. We should do it for Jesus Christ. We should read our scriptures, go to church, pray, serve others, all because we love Christ. Because he is our Savior. Because he sacrificed himself to save us. I know this church is true. I know Christ loves us! 

Elder Mason Paul Reid
Alma 7:11-12

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