Monday, September 1, 2014

Blog Letter 09/01/2014

Hello everyone! How are you all doing?

This week has been really awesome. We have had a good week and we have had a lot of fun. We should be having quite a bit of success here in not too much time. 

Elder T. has been getting to know the zone and the area here. He is a great guy, and I don't just say that cause he is from Spanish Fork. :) 

We have a lot of new elders and hermanas in the zone, so it has been really cool to be with them and see there progression. Most of them just came from the MTC, and they are now seeing and experiencing a lot of new things. We are living with Elder I. and his new companion is Elder F. He is a good kid as well who is trying to learn Spanish. It always makes me think back when I had just began the mission, and really had to try hard to understand and speak the language. 

I have learned so many great things this week. A couple of notable things that I would like to talk about are the importance of responsibility, faith, and knowing who we are. 

I have seen the difference in elders as they are moved from being junior comp, to senior comp or to trainer and the difference is significant. I think when we realize the weight of our actions, especially in the sense of the effect they have on other people or how big our responsibilities are we change and we become better. It is really important that we magnify our callings even if our callings are just son, daughter, brother, sister, mom, or dad. All of those things are really important and effect a lot of people. 

I was studying the other day about faith. I started reading a little bit about the brother of Jared. He had so much faith, was such a great guy, had to deal with a lot of stuff, a lot of responsibility, and the entire time he probably had people doubting his ability's about building a boat, having air, having light, and a mountain of other things. However, he held strong and through his faith, not doubting anything he saw the finger of God, and eventually God himself, and all his creations. That is faith!

Me and Elder T. have been asking a lot of questions to each other lately just getting to know each other better. Well we stumbled upon three questions that are really difficult but to me they seem really important. They are: Who was I in the past? Who am I now? And who do I want to be? A simple answer would be a child of God, but that is a simple answer, and it requires no effort, everyone is a child of God. Don't get me wrong that is a big deal, but who are we going to become? Who are we right now? and who were we? Behavior, personality, likes, dislikes, faults, strengths? When we know those things we can begin to improve, and we can begin to not only be called children of God, but become like God! 

This is a long letter. Thanks for reading it, I hope you are all doing great!
I love you so much,
Elder Mason Paul Reid

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