Monday, September 22, 2014

Blog Lettter 9/22/2014

Family and Friends!

Alright I have to begin this letter getting upset at all of you! I was told by my only true friend over there in Utah that some people have been making fun of me for my spelling of the word Delicious. I would like to explain that spelling was NEVER my strongest attribute, and count learning another language in on top of it just doesnt help at all. And the only time I write in english is to you guys, and the computers here are programmed to spanish so they dont help me with word check. 

I dont know who, or when, but I expect no more of this burlando of my spelling. I love you all. :) (Shout out to Riley you are the greatest).

This week has been awesome we really have seen a lot of blessings, and seen a lot of miracles, we have found quite a few new familys, and seen a lot of people coming back to church. 

This last saturday we had the goal to teach 6 lessons in one day. WE had the plans and we headed out, well we were going good up until the fifth lesson, it got cancelled on us, and we only had 30 minutes until the planned 6th lesson. So we decided to start knocking doors. I then remembered the house of an old contact that had relatives from our church, we knocked, and the husband who I have never talked to opened the door, and talked to us, he offered us water and told us to pass in. We got in and taught a short lesson. We then went and completed our 6th lesson. It was a blessing from the lord for our faith, and diligence. It was amazing to do, and we felt great. And every single one of those lessons were good lessons, that really helped the people. 

I also had a really awesome baptism interview with a 10 year old girl. She was so gosh dang sweet. And she knew everything! She told me about when she knelt down to pray about the book of mormon, and how she had felt a silence come over her. And she knew the book was true. 

That girl is 10 years old. That is a true testimony, I felt the spirit of it! It was so awesome!

This week has been a blessing for me. 
Elder Mason Paul Reid

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