Friday, August 16, 2013

Elder Reid's Reassignment

Weeelllll Ladies and Genteeelman, the day has arrived.

I know where I am going, and I am extremely pumped. I leave wednesday at 2;30 in the morning from Wyview, I don't know exactly when my flight takes off, or when I will be at the air port, or all that less important information. But I do know two very important parts 1:Where 2: It is Spanish Speaking.

I know, I know, you are dying to know where I am going. But I think I will make you wait...just a little. So as you guys might now I have five elders still in our district here. One of those elders, my companion will be going to the same mission as me, Elder J. and Elder M. have two very interesting calls, they will be going to the Ogden mission. Yes the Ogden, Utah Mission. Elder M. is from Las Vegas so he is pretty pumped, but Elder J. is from Syracuse Utah, and in case you guys didn't know, Syracuse is in the Ogden mission. We checked the travel desk, and yes it is right, it is where he will be serving. Which is pretty crazy. 

Cleveland, Ohio!!!! Jokes that's not where I am going, That is where Elder G. will be going. He is pretty pumped and excited to go. So now to the part you have all been waiting for. 

I, Elder Mason Paul Reid, will be serving in the Washinton D.C South mission, I am absolutely stoked! And another Elder in a different district is going there as well it is his regular call, and he is going spanish speaking. So YES I will be speaking Spanish.
I love you all
Mason Paul Reid

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