Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Last MTC letter 08/20/2013

Well everyone it has been a crazy week. But also a great week! Last tuesday we got to hear a talk from Richard G. Scott, it was so amazingly awesome, he talked about prayer, and how to understand revelation. It was really inspiring. He also gave two different blessings over the pulpit. Using in his words "Apostolic authority" he blessed us with the gift of tongues according to our faith, and a strong bond of trust with the people we meet. While walking to the marriot center there was a man (I think he was homeless) But he shouted some pretty insane stuff, some of it I cant repeat. But all in all I thought it was actually pretty funny. He had some pretty insane things to say. 

We had the oppurtunity to teach a student from BYU, he was really cool, we met him on the bus and we got to talk to him for a couple of nights in a row. He is going to Alabama Burmingham mission. And he is a really cool kid. Right before he left to go home (it's end of semester) he gave us each a note, and It meant a lot what he said. He said he was having some doubts and fear about his mission, but talking with us got him so excited, and he said he is extremely ready, and excited to go. It really meant a lot to him. 

Me and my companion are the last ones here, the last ones out of the 14 that got here the same day. But we are pretty much packed, and ready to go. I am so lucky I had him as a companion, We have one of the strongest companionships in the Zone, and I have grown to Love him. He is a great example. And He will be an amazing missionary!

Well family, I think I should get off here, and finish what I need to get done, But I love you all. 

Elder Mason Paul Reid

1 John 2:20 and 27

A story that Michelle shared with me that Mason shared with her.

"Let me tell you a quick story so In spanish the letter "Z" sounds like the letter "S" The verb Cazar meants to hunt, the verb Carsarse, means to marry, (it has the se on the end of the verb cause its reflexive.) Well I was in a lesson and the investigator asked what I lliked to do. I thought I said I like to hunt, but I accidently used the (se) or made it reflexive, and instead of saying I like to hunt, I said I like to marry. So yeah, thats my funny story for you."

If anyone else had stories please send them to me :) 

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