Monday, September 30, 2013

Letter 09/30/2013

Hello everyone, this week has been a very interesting but fun week. Transfers are this Thursday and for some reason transfer week and the week before are a little different then the others. One of the zone leaders I am living with is now the new Assistant to the President. We joke around about how we have to treat him differently, and how we cant talk to him cause he is the new AP.
We are told a lot as missionarys to be bold without being over bearing, now that is a very fine line. Me and my companions have definately had our fare share of being bold lately. We have two different investigators that are really interested, but never seem to act. Never seem to follow up on there commitments, so we decided hey, we are going to be straight up, tell them how it is, and if they dont like it, well we will back off and give them the time they need. Well those lessons were two very tough lessons, we were bold, and we promised the blessings, but also promised them that we can do nothing if they wont do anything for themselves. But the lessons went really well. It was tough, and they tried to weasle out of things, but we held strong, and we got them to find a new resolve. We are still waiting to see the result of one of them, But the first lesson, the investigator did keep his commitment.
This week has not been an easy week. It has been a hard week. For a lot of different reasons, but I am doing great. I have Christ to lean on.
Elder Mason Paul Reid
Mathew 11: 28-30

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