Monday, September 16, 2013

Letter 09/16/2013

Wow what a crazy week, and I mean it. We had a lot of stuff giong on. We also had a lot of success. This week was a lot of member work, we did a lot of visiting with Less Actives, and vistiting with the strong members to get them involved in the work. It is amazing to see the members that just seem to get it. They understand that they also are responsible to do missionary work, and that the most effective way for missionarys to work and have success is through members, and member referrals. We had 11 Less actives at church, and 3 investigators. Those three investigators are so awesome, Its a family Mom, Dad, and Son. The Dad is so cool, he is enthusiastic, loves the church, and always willing to participate in lessons, he says the prayer in priesthood meeting, he just is not quite ready to make that step into the font. (Well in his mind anyways.) But we are meeting with him this week, and hopefully we will put him on date and he will be baptized.
The Game: WOW That was such an awesome and fun experience, first off it was my very first MLB game. And yes the Nationals DOMINATED the Phillies, but I mean what can you expect? You have the faith of like 400 Missionaries cheering for the Nationals, how could they not win? Plus, Bryce Harper is a Mormon. They couldn't lose...Yes I might have just spoke blasphemy. But yes it was so much fun. We also got to do a lot of contacting, and it was nice to talk to people outside of their homes, and have them see that we are just regular people. We had both the D.C South and North missions there. I had a really interesting talk with a very very very drunk Hindu guy he was about 20, and he was trying to explain his faith, but had to stop, and says: "Man religion is hard when your wasted." But it was just an all around good day.
So in the hispanic culture they have this funny joke about how in order to learn spanish you have to eat spicy food, or hispanic food in general. Well, I am never one to back down from a challenge, especially when my pride is at stake, so when a member challenges me to Buffalo Wild Wings Blazing Wing Challenge, well I take him up on that offer, and tell him I could do it faster then he could. Well I dont handle spicy food very well, in fact I am quite the wimp. So I am pretty sure we are doing the challenge this week, and I will have to tell you how it goes.
I am loving it here, and even during the rough times, I can feel christs love, and feel the great power the gospel has. I know this church is true, and I love seeing the light of christ in peoples eyes as they begin to feel the light kindle in their souls. Everyone is givin the light of Christ, and as missionarys we are to help people find it, and bring it out. I love you all.
Elder Mason Paul Reid
D&C 123:17

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