Monday, September 9, 2013

Letter 09/09/2013 Area: Manassas Park, VA

Well this week has been a full week that is for sure! It has been full of ups and also had its downs. We didn't find as much success as we would have liked. We did a lot of contacting, and finding, we didn't teach as many lessons, but sometimes we plant seeds, and sometimes we reap the harvest.

We were heading back to the place with a lot of Bed Bugs, and as we got there and pulled into the complex, we noticed something that really made us all uneasy, there was quite the party going on, full of beer, drugs and a lot of not the best type of people, as we pulled in they saw three white guys in white shirt and ties in a malibu, and I think they got hungry. Ha ha, Normally I wouldn't be nervous, but there was thirty of them, and the odds just aren't that good with 3 on 30. We said a prayer, and all felt like it would be better to leave, instead of walking through this group to get into the apartments. 

We had a lesson last night that was really cool, it ended with us all on our knees in a kitchen, and an investigator praying for an answer, it was a prayer like I have never heard, he asked God, but he did it in a way with so much power, that is was almost like him commanding God. I am not sure how that man upstairs thought about it, but this brother is really a good guy.

On a lighter note, I tried fried Oreos this week, yes you put pancake mix around an Oreo and fry it. It is a good way to knock off about ten years of your life, but it was SOOO good.

FUNNY STORY: So once upon a time before the mission I was at Britain Carters house and his mom tells me I look like Bill Clinton, as much as I want to look like a president who was almost impeached, and has views I don't necessarily agree with I laughed and just thought that it was a one time thing. Then we go to a members house and the father is a funny guy from El Salvador, and he looks at me and says: "You look like you could be Bill Clinton's Grandson." This was in Spanish so I wanted to make sure I heard him right, I said Como? which means What? and he said it again. I had to laugh. So I need your opinions do I really look like Bill Clinton? if so....Well I don't know how I feel about it.

I love you guys, and am doing great here.

Elder Mason Paul Reid

Oh, and I will be going to the Nationals game on Friday. YES!!!!! They play the Phillies! Jealous?


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