Monday, February 23, 2015

Blog letter 2/23/2015

Well not a lot has happened since last Wednesday. 

Thursday: We had a couple of really good lessons. We also did service for an older couple in our ward. The hermano said I was too pretty to know how to work a shovel. I quietly proved him wrong. :)

Friday: We did divisions. I was with Elder S. He is from Argentina. Close to Buenos Aires. He is a really good Elder. We taught some awesome lessons and had a lot of success. I also learned some more 
Argentine slang. 

Saturday: We had a good day. One of the members got married so they had a little fiesta we went and ate a little bit of food. 

SundaySunday was awesome. We had some really good lessons, we had a lot of people in church, and we had a family that we are working with come to church. Which is always the best! 

We don't get as much time to email as we did before so I will have to be shorter with my words. But I would like to leave you with 2 good thoughts that have left me thinking this week. 

1. Which is more important/ neccesary in a car. A wind shield, or a rear view mirror? If anyone has tried driving a motorcycle without glasses or a windshield they can say that it is impossible to drive for any time at all without something to protect you from the wind up ahead. I would opinion that although both the windshield and the mirrors are necessary the windshield is more important. Which I think is Gods way of telling drivers, and his children it is more important to look ahead then backwards. 

2. I was talking with our bishop. We were talking about someone and I said. I just don't understand this person. And he said to me: God never commanded us to understand each other. The only thing he commanded us to do was to love one and other. 

I love you all!

Elder Mason Paul Reid

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