Monday, February 2, 2015

Blog Letter 2/2/2015

Lets get this thing started!

Monday 26th:
We had a lot of fun with the zone. We had a P-day with the entire zone. Well almost the entire zone 4 of the Elders couldnt make it from pueblitos outide of Paraná. We played ping-pong, fútbol, and Volleyball. It was a lot fun. After p-day ended we taught a part member family, and we made tacos with them. 

Tuesday 27th:
We have a meeting with our bishop every week, and this meeting was really good. We are really changing and makeing big strides in the work here in Bajada Grande. In the afternoon we had District Meetings and we had divisions with the Elders From Terminal I was with Elder V. We taught a few lessons that night. My favorite lesson was with R's sister. She is starting to open up to the missionaries. 

Wednesday 28th:
Bad news, the guy that came to church last sunday that Elder Q and Elder A gave 10 pesos too and we were really thinking would progress...well turns out he is more interested in the church for its money than for is gospel. The guy wants nothing to do with the teaching, he just wants free money and food. Which is really sad. But oh well. We taught a bunch of really good lessons this day. We challenged a lot of people to begin to change there lives. 

Thursday 29th:
D is doing great. She got baptized not too long ago, and due to a lot of problems that have gone down with another member that has really lost his mind...but really the other member is crazy...well D has suffered a lot, but now she is doing a lot better. She is still feeling good about church, and has a good strong testimony. We were really worried about her. 

Friday 30th:
We got up at 3 o clock in the morning to take a bus to Rosario to go to a leadership council. It was a great meeting. We all learned and shared things. I love being a zone leader, and helping the mission grow. I also got to see a lot of the other missionarys from around the mission. The mission is changing a lot, and I am loving it. I am learning a lot, and becoming a better person everyday. When we got home we had to stay up late to wait for some missionaries to get to our pench and stay the night to be able to go to the meeting Saturday

Saturday 31st:
We had our zone meeting in the morning. It was a good meeting, we are now more aware of what is happening inside the zone. We are doing a lot more verification on them to make sure they are progressing and changing in order to become better missionarys, and work harder and smarter. 

Sunday 1st:
I love sundays. Sadly, a lot of the people we were expecting didnt come to church, but now we are working on something to change that. We have a vision, and we have direction, now we just have to really work and put it all together. The ward, and the members are becoming more converted. Its a process, but we are just in the beginning. 

Thats about all I have. I love you all so much. Thanks for all you do!
Elder Mason Paul Reid

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