Thursday, February 19, 2015

Blog Letter 2/18/2015

WOW!! I do not know where to begin with this week. It has been a crazy crazy crazy week. 

I will begin by telling you why I am emailing on Wednesday. Sunday night we left to go to a leadership Counsel with Elder Ávilas and President Zanni in Rosario Monday night. Elder Ávilas is an area 70. He is also a wonderful and really humble man that teaches powerfully. The Counsel was awesome, after the counsel we got some lunch and headed back to Paraná. We had a lesson with one of our investigators when we got back home. 

Yesterday we had the multi-Zone Conference in Paraná with Elder Ávilas and President Zanni with the missionarys from La Paz and Concordia. In the morning we were getting all that ready, and then we had the conference in the afternoon. 

In both the Council and the Zone Conference I learned so much. I learned a lot of stuff I need to put in practice, and do better. I have had the opportunity to listen to a couple of General Authoritys in my mission...I am always inspired by their love and humility as well as their scripture knowledge. One day I wanna know and feel what they know and feel. 

After the Conference we cleaned up everything and headed back to our pench to grab some things before going to the church and doing our Book of Mormon Class. It was our first one, we are starting to give a Book of Mormon Class to talk about, teach, and help people understand the Book of Mormon better. I was very grateful for the people that came to the class, it was a great class. 

Last week as well was awesome. All in all I am doing great! This last week and a half was very spiritual and edifying. I love you all so much, and hope you are all smiling. 

Elder Mason Paul Reid

Dont forget to remember to pray for missionary opportunities!!

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