Thursday, February 19, 2015

Blog Letter 2/10/2015

Well hello everyone. 

This letter is going to be really short. Sorry but, I have a lot of stuff to do today ha ha. 

This week was awesome we had some really good lessons and we are enjoying working together. 

We had transfers this week, I will be staying here in Bajada Grande With Elder Q. 

Due to the mission splitting in June there are a lot of changes going on in the mission. But it is all for the better. We are doing a lot of work with the members inviting them to grow and have a stronger conversion. Some of the areas here in the zone have closed due to the changes, but this next transfer they should be opening again. 

I am doing awesome! It's still hot here, but hey, what are we going to do? It's summer. 

Next week I will be writing you all on wednesday due to a lot of crazy thing going on next week that you will all find out about next week. :) 

To add to the randomness of this letter I would like to scold my parents and whoever else had the opportunity...Why didn't anyone ever invite me or tell me to eat plums before? Plums are delicous and I have lost 19 years of my life without plums. Shame on you all!  

On a more serious note. I invite you all to read M. Russel Ballards talk on praying for missionary opportunities, and do what he invites you all to do!

Thanks so much,

I love you all
Elder Mason Paul Reid

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