Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Blog Letter 1/5/2015

Hey everyone!

This is probably going to be a short letter, but we will see how it goes.

Wednesday 31st of December:
Due to the parties and all of that it was a rough day, but we made it fun. Our lessons failed us, and when we started contacting we didn't get a lot of good reception. One lady when seeing us rolled her eyes and threw her hands in the air as if to say: I don't need anything else to bug me. Well I noticed that she wasn't happy so I said. Hello we are messengers of happiness. Do you need a little bit of happiness? She realized why I said that and started to treat us better. I gave her a lesson 1 pamphlet which is about the restoration of the church, and said. Read this: It's about the restoration of happiness.

Thursday 1st of January:
We had to stay all day in the pench and clean. Its not safe to be out in the streets after a big party. However, later that day we went to Rosario on a bus. I also beat my companion in T.E.G which is Argentina's version of Risk. 

Friday the 2 of January:
We were in Rosario in a consejo de lĂ­deres or in English a leadership council with all the other zone leaders. It was fun. I really love going to those. I get to see all my friends from different places, and we talk about how to help the mission improve. 

Saturday the 3 of January:
I have 18 months in the mission. That's weird... But it was a good day. We taught a bunch. I was bummed when one of our lessons failed. The guy had pleaded with us to teach him why God takes from us our loved ones. I told him we could respond, and he said that no matter what he would be there cause he wanted to know. Well he wasn't there. Sometimes I feel like we are that way to God. We ask for something so much, and plead for an answer, but we don't keep our part of the deal (I.E the commandments) so we don't get an answer.

Sunday the 4th of January:
It was a great day. Really tranquilo. We taught an hermano that had a lot of problems I learned how to really love him in that lesson. 

I hope all you guys are doing awesome. I love you so much!

Elder Mason Paul Reid

Remember: The Gospel is Great, but its even greater when you live it. 

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