Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Blog Letter 1/20/2015

Hello everyone. I am sorry to say that this letter probably will not be as interesting to you as the last letter. :) But read it anyways!!

Monday 12th:
We played futbol (soccer) with some members in our capilla. I am without a doubt the worse soccer player out of all of them. But I did make a goal. So watch out when I get home I will give you a run for your money to all you Yankees out there. (Here they say yankee instead of gringo)

Tuesday 13th:
We had district meeting this day. It was pretty fun. Just a really regular day. It was raining though. It began the rain that seemed to continue on and off all week thise week. 

Wednesday 14th:
Wednesday is a weirdly spelt word. We did divisions. I was with Elder P. from Peru. He is a really cool guy. He has like 3 weeks in his mission. He has a lot of energy and loves being a missionary. But being with him really made me feel like an old fart. We taught a couple of lessons with President Gericke (the stake president) It was a really good time. 

Thursday 15th: 
We had a lot of fun. We got our phone from the Mission home, and gave back the phone we had been borrowing from the elders of San Agustin. (Another area). We had to use their phone while we were getting ours replaced from the robbery. We taught a couple of lessons. And learned how to play an argentinian card game called trucos. Apparently it is a game based on lieing. I still dont fully understand how to play it...its a really difficult game to comprehend. 

Friday 16th: 
We did divisions with Nogoya, I was with Elder N. (my comp from concordia). We had a lot of fun. We taught a bunch of lessons. I had to travel in bus to nogoya its a pueblo about 2 hours from ParanĂ¡. 

Satureday 18th:
We spent most of the time walking around visiting with a short amount of time all the people we wanted to come to sacrament. It was fun to go around and visit for a quick moment with all the people. A lot of walking though. 

Sunday 18th:
Most of the people we visited came to church, thats always a good feeling. We visited with some investigators that want to get baptized but due to the complicatedness of the divorces here in argentina they have not been able to. But we are trying to help them be able to and get everything they need done. We gave them a lot of encouragment they were a little down about the whole thing. I also gave a talk in church. I love giving talks I really do. :)

Thats my week. I hope all of you are doing great. :)

Elder Mason Paul Reid

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