Monday, August 11, 2014

Blog Letter 08/11/2014

Well if last week, I didn't have anything new to talk about, this week is completely different. 

We traveled to Rosario to have a meeting with all the other Zone Leaders and President Zanni which is six hours away from here in Colectivo. Then traveled back the same day, which is 12 hours of traveling in a 24 hour time. But, it's okay because I got to eat McDonalds, I even splurged a little bit and got a Mcflurry. :) 

This week was District Conference. Our area does not have a stake, all the congregations are branches so instead of it being a Stake it is a District. We had our District conference and President Zanni came because as Mission president he is the head of the District. It was a good meeting and I learned a lot. President Zanni is really an inspiring man, he teaches with power and authority. I was able to have an interview with him and learned a lot, I feel really good. He really knows how to inspire the hearts of the people. 

We have been teaching a lot lately and this week we did divisions with the elders from Federal. I was with Elder M. he is really cool and helped me out a lot. He is assigned as branch president of Federal. Actually, the first North American to be a branch president in more then 3 years. He is a stud. 

I heard a story and I invite you all to read up on it. I don't know if it is true, but I really enjoyed it no matter what.

It is based in Stanford hospital. A little boy is asked by a doctor if he would give his blood for a blood transfusion to save his little sisters life. His little sister was dying of a blood disease that he had overcome, and she needed the anti bodies in his blood. The little kid breathed deeply and said: "Yes, If it is what will save my sisters life." As he was hooked up and the blood started leaving his body to enter his sisters, he asked the doctor: "When will I start dying?" The little boy had misunderstood the doctor, he thought he would have to give ALL his blood to save his sisters life, he was prepared and ready to die for his sister. 

I loved the story and think it shows the pure love of a brother to his sister. 

Jesus Christ had that same love for all of us. I know he died for us, He is our savior, our friend, and our brother. 

I invite you all to start praying for mission experiences or opportunity's to share the gospel to those around you. 

I love you all!
Elder Mason Paul Reid
"The important things, always begin with a prayer"

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