Monday, July 28, 2014

Letter 07/28/2014


How is everyone doing? I am hoping everyone is happy. This week has been a good week, I just have a couple of funny stories. 

In a couple of letters to people I have been bragging about how the weather is not too hot nor too cold. Well, I went on divisions with another elder and it got really cold and I was very unprepared. I wasn't in our area and we were already out working, so I had to suffer a day and a night in the cold. I think it was for bragging about the weather, it has stayed kinda cold but with long sleeves and a sweater its not too bad. I have only had to break out the scarf twice.

The other thing would have to be the "Off-Road Colectivos." Here in Concordia there are a lot of places that just have dirt roads and it rained. With those two you get really muddy roads, but the colectivos still have to drive there routes. In other words sometimes riding in the colectivo can get realy fun. I imagine it is somewhat like monster trucking. 

In our area we are doing a lot of finding and trying to get new investigators. We are centering our efforts on finding and baptizing a family. The branch is growing and doing really good. They lack a little bit of training, but it is getting better.

To end this letter I would like to ask for classic american foods and there recipes. Many members have wanted us to cook American food, and I can't think of anything. So if anybody has ideas, Please send them to me.

I love you all,
Elder Mason Paul Reid

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