Monday, May 26, 2014

May 26, 2014

Hello Family and Friends!

Sounds like most everyone is out traveling this week. I hope you are all enjoying it, and having a great time. Stay safe! 

I am having a great time here in Argentina, I will say I am a little jealous of the warm weather over there. It has gotten a little colder down here. Only about 45-50 degrees, but with the humidity it gets a bit chilly. The only thing is that there is no way to escape it, cause most of the houses don't have insulation, our pench is just cement so it is normally the same temperature as it is outside. But after so long without the cold, I am enjoying it. 

This week has been really good, we got to have interviews with the president of the mission. It was good to talk to him, and get to hear some of his advice for me. Mission presidents are truly inspired. We will be getting a new mission president the first of July. It should be interesting how things change, or the new ideas the new president will bring. 

A really interesting thing happened this week, we knocked a house, and the lady opened the door, and criticized us for clapping to hard. But I smiled, and told her who we where, and asked her how we could bless her. She started crying, and almost hysterically saying that it was no use, that she had cancer and that she was going to die, and that she had everything prepared to die. She was hysterical, It broke my heart. I wanted so much to help her. But now matter what we said she wouldn't accept it. We bore our testimonies, shared scriptures, talked about Gods love, his plan for us, but she wouldn't accept any of it. She told us to leave, and shut the door. It was so hard to walk away. I felt so bad for this woman. We had everything the lord could give her, but she wouldn't accept it. It was so hard to walk away from that door. 

This experience made me think of all the times we have been going through a hard time, and we pray, we cry, we plead that the Lord help us, and when He shows us the way, we don't accept because we don't believe it could be possible, or because we doubt Him. Or maybe we don't have the faith to see He is helping us. I know the Lord is there for us, Always. I know He loves us. We are the ones that leave Him, not him leaving us. 

This week has been a week that reminded me a lot of charity. The pure love of Christ. The world is difficult, and the first thing that satan tries to do is attack the family, the home. But I know that if we have charity. If we put others before ourselves, sacrifice, and sometimes even humble ourselves enough to say sorry. Satan cant hurt us. But we need to have that charity and love of Christ with us. Moroni 7:45-48

I love you all. I pray for you. Keep smiling, and showing your love for others.
Elder Mason Paul Reid

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