Monday, May 5, 2014

Letter 5/5/2014

¡Buenos Días! 

Well another week has passed here in Villa Gobernador Galvez. A week full of new experiences and a week full of learning. 

Let's see...where to begin. Let's begin with May 1st. May 1st  is The Workers Day. It is a rather big holiday here. One of the traditions of this day is Locro. It is a kind of soup that they cook here. But it takes 4 hours to cook. It is made up of corn, water, meat, Cow tail (skinned), pigs foot, cabbage, lettuce, ham, cow stomach, cow intestine, mixed with a lot of seasoning, and maybe some of other stuff that I wasnt told, or capable of identifying. I know what you are all thinking, that sounds really gross, but actually it is really really good.

My companion and I were walking around contacting some people before going to lunch. Our lunch had told us that they couldn't give us any Locro since it wasn't done cooking, so they were going to give us something else. We were a little bummed that we weren't going to get Locro, but as we were contacting we contacted two guys that were cooking Locro. They invited us in and well... we got two big bowls of Locro each. It was really, really tasty, but I still think that cow intestine, and cow stomach is just too chewy. After that we went to our planned lunch, but the problem was we were already full. We ate anyways. It turns out in 2 hours time we ate 4 plates of food. Four very full plates of food. 

With May First being a holiday we had a ward activity and had the entire ward in the Capilla. We played games and shared a spiritual thought about missionary work, it was a very successful activity. 

To end this letter I would just like to tell you all I am doing great. And that even during hard times, we can still be happy. My companion and I had every lesson fail us this last Tuesday, and on top of that it poured rain. It just down poured on us. But we continued working, we sang songs, told jokes, contacted people, and had a good time. Due to the contacts we have new investigators. All because of our attitude of pressing forward with joy in our hearts and working. 

My invitation to anyone reading this letter is that if you are struggling, or maybe a little down hearted, keep your head up. Count your blessings. But keep moving forward with a smile. It will get better, and you will be blessed for your faith. 

Elder Mason Paul

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