Monday, March 31, 2014

Letter 03/31/2014

¡Tenedor Libre!
I have to keep this email relatively short. I am in Rosario and when we end here we are going to head over to a tenedor libre (in translation that means a buffet). Yes, a buffet of all the best Argentinian and of other countries foods. We will see what they have from the good ole U.S. of A. But I am looking forward to some Empanadas, Milanesas, Supremas, Pizza Casera, Fideos, and all sorts of amazing food. 

This week has been a fantastic week, really tranquilo, nothing too big happened. We did get destroyed by a storm. It hit very unexpectedly and happened to soak every companionship in the Rosario zone, with the exception of Villa Diego. I am pretty sure the big man upstairs was playing a prank. It got us right as we were coming out of a lesson. We began running to the pench, and it was raining so hard you couldn't see due to the water. It was crazy!! When we finally made it back to the pench, we were more water then human. 

Before we left our lesson we were doing a normal lesson, that turned into random trivia about the church. It was really fun, and we are planning on doing a family home evening with a jeopardy like structure of church trivia. Complete with prizes and everything. It should be a pretty fun experience. 

This week I had a thought as we were getting a ride home after lunch from a member. I was so happy to get a ride home, because I was not looking forward to the 25 minute walk home with a full belly (it is a normal thing to have to do). However, this time the member gave us a ride. It really made my day. I don't know if I have already talked about celebrating the small victories, but I challenge you all to do that for this week. Notice the small little blessings, the small little good things that happen and really enjoy them. 

I had more that I wanted to share, but I have to get off here. So I will talk to you guys next week! I love you all so much!! and I hope you are all happy!!

Elder Mason Paul Reid

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