Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Letter 03/10/14

Hola mis queridos amigos.

So I figured I would start this letter out with the news about transfers. I will be staying in My area for probably one more transfer. But I will not be with Elder B. I am going to be with Elder B. (a different Elder B.) I haven't met him yet. Tomorrow I will meet him. I am also now District Leader. I am pretty excited for the new opportunity, But at the same time nervous for the new responsibilities. But I am sure it will all be good. 

This has been a really good week. Sometimes week six can be difficult, but we worked hard, and got a lot of work done. This next transfer we should see at least two baptisms, if not more. 

With it being week six yesterday we went around saying goodbye to some of the people that we teach, we didn't know which one of us was leaving, so we both said goodbye. It was weird to do it. I have only known these people for 4.5 months. But they have become like my family. I love them so much, and to think that I was going to have to leave them, was really hard. I love the people, and they have changed my life. So staying in this area for at least one more transfer is something I am okay with. 

So I have a funny story. We where walking to an investigators house that lives about 30 minutes away from the pench. We get about half way there and I see this pit bull walking on the other side of the street. I looked at him, patted my leg, and he came trotting over. He ended up walking with us to the cita, and then waited for us outside, and continued following us. He followed us for about 45 minutes. I named him Jensen. He would go off and do something and I would pat my leg, and he would come running over. We ended up going inside of a lesson for a long time, and he left. But I plan on finding him again. I liked Jensen, Elder B. didn't like him as much. But I thought he was a good little pup. Good little Jensen. 

So all in all it has been a great week. I am doing wonderful. I hope everything is going good over there. Koral sent me the birthday wishes from everyone, Thanks so much you guys! It was a great Birthday!

Elder Mason Paul Reid

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