Monday, February 3, 2014

Letter 2/3/2014

Hello Family:

Well here we are another week gone already, I cant believe it has gone by so fast, but I have learned that you have to take advantage of every day we have in this life. 

It is has been a good week, but definitely a challenging one. We had a lot of things happen that were tough, and we just had a challenging week. But, at the same time it was such a good week anyways. I feel like the Lord was testing us as a companionship to see our conviction, our faith, or our ability to put our trust in the Lord. I don't know if we passed, but I know that we did our best and we continued on faithfully. Now to say that it was challenging does not mean that we did not see success. A recent converts grandma committed to being baptized. We are thinking February 22. We also talked with a convert who we baptized him on the 25th of January. He is the only member and when we started teaching him, his family wasn't interested. They are now showing a lot more interest, and we are hoping to see them in white stepping into the baptismal font before this transfer is over. 

This Sunday it rained A LOT, and it was surprisingly my first time with a lot of rain on a Sunday here in Argentina. The rain here really gets felt by the people. We normally have 90-100 people show up to church (100 is a good day.) But this Sunday we had only 33 by the time sacrament rolled around. But I will tell you what, it was such a good meeting. I love fast and testimony meetings anyways, but this one was extremely special to me. With being so few we got to here from most of the congregation, and the people really opened up, and bore such sweet testimony. I loved it. It has been one of the best experiences in my mission. I wanted to stand up and give my testimony, but the time was not willing, and I felt like it was more important for the members to bear their testimonies. 

This should be a really good transfer. I hope all of you are doing wonderful I love you so much!

Elder Mason Paul Reid

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