Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Letter 01/28/14

Well Hello!!

Hello everyone! I am doing wonderful here in Villa Gobernador Galvez. We had our baptism this Sunday. It was really awesome. We did get a little nervous when everyone showed up, and about 15 minutes AFTER the baptism was supposed to start our investigator showed up. :) But it turned out good, and they brought cake, so we forgave them. I mean, she had cake, how could we not? 

So I realized that I forgot to explain last week that I went to the Monument in Rosario Argentina. That was really fun. The monument is HUGE!! Just about 70 meters tall. ( I will let you do the math) Right by the monument is the Río Paraná. It is the longest river second only to the Amazon River. It was really cool to go there. I also bought a new tie in the Peotanal. Its a HUGE shopping center. Yes, the tie IS gorgeous. 

As for traslados well...I will be...staying here in Galvez, I will also be staying with Elder Barker. That doesn't happen very often that you stay with a companion for more then 2 transfers. But hey, I am always doing things out of the ordinary. I am really happy to be staying in this area. We are planning on seeing a lot of success. Malena (the girl we baptized) has a grandma that has never come to church, but was really happy to see Malena get baptized, well we are going to start teaching her. She has a lot of interest, and she wants to be baptized, she calls me Clinton, Due to the fact that I look like Bill Clinton. I am doing really good. I love it here. 

I hope you all have a great week. I hope that the lord blesses you, and that you see his hand in your lives. He is real, he lives, and he is very aware of us. 

Elder Mason Paul Reid
John 1:1-4


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