Monday, January 13, 2014

Letter 01/13/2014

This week has been a wonderful week. I hope your guys´ week was as wonderful as mine, because mine was pretty wonderful!! Our three baptisms happened. It was a little crazy, but it all turned out. We even had 45 people there in support of them. It feels so so good to be part of the conversion. Even though our part is small. There are HUGE blessings that we recieve. Me and my companion decided to make this week the best week we have ever had, we wanted to have more lessons, more contacts, more investigators in church then our last 10 weeks, and well....we accomplished it. We worked our butts off, and put our trust in the Lord. And the Lord gave us the blessings, and helped us out so much. Even though we worked so hard, the most of the work was completed by the Lord. A family we have been visiting with for a long time showed up to sacrament, and the Hermano is trying to quit smoking. It is so wonderful. I am so grateful for everything.
After the baptism we made french toast for the entire family. Complete with Maple Syrup. It was fun to watch them eat it. They thought it was really good. I taught a couple of them how to cook it. There was about 13 family members, and us two missonarys, we had four pans all cooking french toast. It was a really fun time. Especially with it being right after the baptism, the spirit was strong, and the family was really united. They have a couple of family members that aren't members, but the whole experience really caught their interest.
This week has been wonderful. I have seen the blessings that come from really giving something your all. I know this church is true. I know that the Lord is aware of us, waiting to bless us, and waiting to help us accomplish whatever we put our minds to. We just need to do our part, and be worthy to accept the blessings. 
I hope you are all doing wonderful. I can't attach photos of the baptism this week. But I will do it next week I promise.

Elder Mason Paul Reid
Alma 23:6-8

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