Monday, February 3, 2014

A Q&A with Mason

A close family friend of ours asked Mason some questions and I figured I would share his answers. Thanks Aubrey for sending me these back. 

Biggest Shock: The fact that I am the only American (with the exception of my comp). The people are SO different. They even think different. In a way I cant even explain to you. 

Nasty Food: Seviche, so so gross its like octopus, fish or muscles but all completely raw. Not cooked, in this nasty little soup of lemon, onion, and just nasty. I am pretty sure "Nasty" is an actual ingredient. 

Craziest animal/Insect: Okay this might not seem crazy to you, but GIANT Cockroaches that FLY!!! Did you know they could fly... well they can here!!!

Favorite Part: Just being able to help people. I love it when I can help people. And that is just my job...ALL THE TIME!

Favorite part of Argentina: The culture is just awesome. They are just so loving and friendly. Like I am sitting here in the computer place, and the guy just gave me a bunch of food to eat for free. Just because he knows us and considers us good guys. Like I just ate ten bucks worth of food. 

 Now that you live only with “brothers”, are you grateful for growing up with your awesome sisters instead: They are definitely different, but I will tell you what I love my sisters. The guys are great here. But I love my sisters!

Hardest Part: Definitely just missing my family and friends like you guys!!

Visit again: Without a doubt, I would love to live here for a year or so with my wife.

Biggest Adventure: I have no idea....That is a hard one.

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