Monday, February 17, 2014

Letter 2/17/2014

Mis Queridos amigos y familiares

This has been a really tranquilo week. Nothing to big or exciting has happened, With the exception of probably two things. The first one: Fridays we always have lunch with Bishop's family. The Bishop usually isn't there because he has work. So we just have it with the rest of the family, but this week he was on vacation from work. After lunch he offered us a ride back to our pench, we said yes, and jumped into his car. As we were driving a dog came out of nowhere, and our bishop ended up running over said dog. Oh my goodness it was terrible. I have never been in a car when that has happened, it was not a good feeling. The owner of the dog was sitting outside and saw it happen, so the bishop got out, and went to go talk to her. Me and my companion we were just like "did that really just happen?" It was crazy. 

The second story: well yesterday I must have eaten something bad, cause I got a little food poisoning, and I ended up throwing up, and had some pretty serious stomach issues last night. Luckily, it has passed and other then a little stomach ache, I am doing a lot better. But whatever it was, I don't ever want to get it again!!

Other than those two things the week was really calm and nothing big really happened. Just a good week. This week I have really noticed the importance of the little things. The little things lead to big things. I know that the Lord works in small and simple ways. So we as well, can change our lives for the good or for the bad, depending on the simple choices we make. So my challenge for you all is to do the little things. :) 

I love you all so much!
Elder Mason Paul Reid

What the punks could have robbed. 

 We had to clean out our water tank, and when it rains, I get a lot of mud on my pants from walking. 

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