Monday, November 25, 2013

Letter 11/25/1013

Family and Friends,

I hope you are all having a wonderful week, I had a wonderful week, and we are expecting another busy week coming up. We gave two investigators dates to be baptized, both of them the 21 of December. We also have another two people we want to set a date for baptism probably the 14 of december. Hopefully we can get that done this week as well. We had exchanges this week, that just means that my companion as District Leaders goes with one of the Zone Leaders, and the other Zone leaders comes to our area, and works with me for the day. It was a really wonderful experience, and I learned a lot. The two biggest things I learned was First: Silence, silence is a good, and beautiful thing. After asking a question, or during the right part in a lesson you can let the silence come, and let the person you are teaching think, at first it might seem a little awkward but it is after that silence that the person really shares what their heart is thinking. It is really a great experince. Second: Promise blessings, as a missionary, and a representative of the Lord, Jesus Christ, we have the power and the right to promise blessings, I have been doing that, and promising blessings to my investigators that if they obey the commandments, pray, or read the scriptures they will recieve blessings. But as a missionary, I learned, That we can promise powerful, direct, and specific blessings. (Based on the fact that I am promising blessings that I feel through the Holy Ghost are correct.) It sounds a bit strange, but it is something that missionarys, can and should do.
As I said it has been a wonderful week, but also a busy one. We have had many moments of, How are we going to get all of this done? We arrived late to more then one appointment because we just didnt have enough time in our schedules. But we are seeing the fruits of our efforts.
On a more temporal note I am not so sick anymore, I have gotten over the worst of the stomach sickness. But I also got bit by one of the spiders that I am pretty certain was looking for revenge from me killing his buddy with the torch, but it is pretty nasty. We have kindly named all of the spiders in our pench "guapo".
I hope you are all doing great. I love you all, and my prayers are with you.
Elder Mason Paul Reid

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