Monday, November 18, 2013

Letter 11/18/2103

What a wonderful week!!

Me and my Companion have been working really hard, and doing our best. We are having a good time while doing it. I am loving it more and more every day.
I read two talks that I read earlier in my mission, but I reread them this week, and they hit me pretty hard, and I have been doing my best to apply it in my life. The first is about Missionary work and The Atonement by Jeffrey R. Holland, The other is The Infinite Power of Hope by Dieter F. Uchtdorf. Both are such good talks. I re-learned that Before I can expect our investigators to be baptized they have to first find faith, and repent for their sins. Then they can be baptized. As a missionary, I have to make sure all my investigators understand the importance of those first two steps. The talk about hope was also very inspiring. It talked about the relationship between hope, faith, and charity. Hope is what keep us happy, what keeps us going even when times are rough.

As missionaries, we try to do our best, we try to teach the best we can, and we try to follow the spirit, but in the end we have to have hope that Christ is going to do the rest. And when we see that he has, we need to give thanks. The talk from Holland also talked about why conversion is so hard, it talked about the fact the conversion is so hard, because the gospel is not cheap. Christ payed his life for this gospel, and in order for us to be converted we will probably have to spend a little bit of our life in the garden of Gethsemane or on the road to Calvary. As a Missionary it is reassuring, that when we are having a hard time that we are just following in the footsteps of Christ.
On a less deep note, we have had a wonderful week. We had 120 People at church as opposed to the 80 that are normally there. The whole ward was pretty excited about that. It is so wonderful to see the change in people as they come to Christ. I went and bought a mosquito net for my Bed, which is SO wonderful. If anything I have learned to appreciate the little things. Like, having a mosquito net, so now I can sleep without worrying about getting destroyed by the mosquito's! We have had quite a few police in our area lately. They have really started to beef up the police presence here to try to combat the drugs, and the violence. Our bus got stopped on our way to lunch and got searched by two police men looking for someone. Me and my companion thought that was pretty funny, it was our first time experiencing that. I'm still feeling a little sick, but I think I have gotten through the worst of it.
All in all a really good week. We have worked a lot, and our schedule was full, we ended up running to appointments this week in order to make it to all of them. And this week looks like it might be just as busy. It really is a blessing to be in such a wonderful area. I hope all of you are doing well.
Elder Mason Paul Reid
Alma 7:24

You still can't get me off a motorcycle

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