Tuesday, November 5, 2013

First week in Argentina 11/05/2013


Well I finally made it. I am here in Argentina, I am serving in Rosario, in a part called Villa Galvez. For those of you who don't know Villa stands for Ghetto. I am living in an apartment (Pench) of four. One of the Elders is being transferred out this transfer and he will be replaced by an Elder From Columbia. The other Elder is from Mexico. Neither one of them speak English, so its just me and my yankee Companion Elder B. Elder B. is such a good guy. We are starting to really get some work done. We made a vision for what we wanted to see happen in our area within this next transfer. We are heading in a good direction. I love it. 

Argentina: Well Argentina might be on the same earth as America, but it is a different World! There are so many things that are way different, and I have honestly had to do a lot of adjusting. It was a little difficult at first. I had to do quite a bit of praying. But God has answered my prayers and has helped me out so much with coming to love this new place.
Things that are different:
Wild Dogs are Everywhere
Motorcycles are as common as the wild dogs
No one knows how to drive, especially people on the motorcycles
Castellano is a lot different then spanish (even though it is spanish)
My Pench (apartment) I have to fill up the water I am going to use to shower in a bucket.
The thing to warm up said water is broken, COLD SHOWERS!
Before if we didnt unplug the water heater upper it would shock you!
I have 22 Mosquito bites
The houses that people live in are really poor, sometimes just made out of metal sheets.

Those are just some of the things that are different. If it sounds like I am complaining, I really am not. I love it!! I love the weirdness. I love the ghetto, I love Argentina. The people are wonderful. Everyone here knows us as "The elders" Even if they have never heard about the church. My Spanish is improving, but I have to adjust to the way people speak here. Even though my Companion is the only person who I could speak English to, we usually speak Spanish anyways.

I know this church is true, we have been working hard, and doing a lot of praying and have ran into a lot of people that we have high hopes for. The nice thing about not having a car is that you get the opportunity to talk to a lot more people. Although a lot of the people are very poor, and are so much different, it is amazing how unifying the church is. I can say that even from this side of the equator the church is still true. And I have the opportunity to share it with people.

This is not his area but it looks very similar to his area. 

 This is a picture of his house. They have 4 Elder's living there.

  This is what he showers with. They fill this up with water and then it's supposed to heat for warm showers. But, like Mason said before it broke so he is showering in cold showers. 

  Mason and his mission president and wife. The Giuliani's.

A few things Elder Reid wrote to me that he didn't include in his blog.

-He has learned to appreciate the little things and that so far being there has really put a lot of things into perspective.

-His apartment is considered average for the area. It's not really nice but it's not the worst either.

- For the most of the week he was still getting accustomed to everything and not doing a lot of tracting. He said that they didn't have very many investigators to start out with in this area, so they are now just trying to get contact people.

-They do a lot of street contacting, and they don't knock doors. Instead, they just clap outside peoples houses. Sometimes because their door is behind a fence, and other times just because that is what they do there. 

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