Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Blog Letter 3/24/2015

Greetings, from Feliciano!

We started out the week really well. I was with Elder Q. and we were working hard trying to get everything set and ready for transfers. 

I figured I would be transfered to another area, maybe to train one of the new missionaries, but the Lord had other plans. 

I got a call from President Zanni at about 11 o clock at night on Wednesday right as we were about to say our nightly prayer and go to bed. President Zanni called me to be Branch President of the Branch in San Jose de Feliciano (Feliciano). 

I left friday in the Morning to Feliciano and got here friday at about 12:30. If you look at a map of the Argentina Rosario Mission you will see close to the top there is a small city called La Paz. Well about an hour and a half to the North, you will see Feliciano, its a small, really small, tiny, but wonderful town. It is the furthest point from the Mission home. Well it might be tied with a small place called San Cristobal. 

I had to get here early so that Elder L., ( the branch president before me) could show me the area and teach me a couple of things. Elder L. is going home now...crazy. But he taught me a lot. I also got to know a couple of the members. 

On Saturday we went out to a ranch that the church owns here. Its HUGE. Its a big cow ranch. We ate a sheep asado and we played a bunch of games it was a huge branch activity. 

Sunday was really great. I gave a talk. It was a really good meeting but it was a different experience being a Branch President. Elder L. left Sunday night. 

Since then I have had a lot of great expirience, and it has been a great time. I love to be here. Feliciano is awesome. The people are great. Its all just good small town country people. There are only a couple of paved streets. People have sheep as pets. I am loving it. 

My companion is Elder P. I know him from ParanĂ¡ I was his zone leader. He has about 3 months in the mission. He is from Peru. He is a good guy. He helps me out a lot. and is full of charity. I have a lot to learn from him. He is the secretay of the branch here. 

I have a lot to learn. And I know that the Lord has a lot of things planned for me. I am ready for it. I know I have a lot of faults, and I lack a lot of things. But I am excited to do my best!

I love you all so much!!
Elder Mason Paul Reid

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