Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Blog Letter 3/16/2015

Hello Family and Friends. How are you? I am doing great!

Monday 9:
We got what we needed to done, and then we started our trip to Rosario, My comp has tramites...I am still not exactly sure how to translate Tramites into english. It embarks a lot mor things then just paper work.

Martes 10:
We went to a big building that had something to do with Imigrations, we waited a long time, and my comp actually did not do his tramites. He didnt have to do them. There was a mix up in the system. So we actually went down to Rosario for no reason. But we had to stay because of the leadership counsel we had the next day. So we did divisions with the assistents. I was with Elder A. We had a lot of fun, All of Rosario lost power while we were giving our last lesson of the day. But we got a ride back to the pench.

Wednesday 11: 
We had Consejo. It was a lot of fun, and I learned a lot. We are being pushed to find an inner pressure. And to forget all about ourselves and just work. When we got back into ParanĂ¡ from being in Rosario we were in our taxi heading home when I remembered I left the keys in the mission home cause I didnt want them to get robbed the day before. So we ended up sleeping in the pench of the missionaries of San Agustin, on the top of a blanket, on a tile floor, without a pillow...it was definately a terrible terrible nights sleep. 

Thursday 12:
After waking up several times the alarm finally went off. ha ha. Thursday was a great day. We had a lot fun, and we visited a lot of people. We had an interesting lunch with one of our less active members. and in the afternoon we had some really good spiritual lessons. 

Friday 13:
Friday was a good day. We did a lot of contacting, and taught a couple of lessons, really tranquilo. 

Saturday 14:
We had our Zone Meeting, we talked about all of the things we talked about in Leadership Counsel, and we applied it to the zone. We are seeing a lot of changes, and a good response form the missionaries here. It will be really cool to see how the mission responds. In the afternoon we taught our investigator about obeying the commandments of god. And how it brings blessings, she didnt end up coming to church...so this week we need to repass it, and help her understand. We got stopped by a really drunk homeless guy in the street, and we had a really long conversation. We ended up giving him food. We want to try and help him. Both me and my comp felt something that told us we needed to reach out and help him. 

Sunday 15:
We gave a couple of blessings on sunday. One to a less active member, and the other to Hermana R's daughter. She was a little sick, and it was to give her a blessing before schools starts. We challenged a couple of our recent converts to start preparing to go to the temple. 

It has been a great week. I hope you are all happy. Stay safe, and love each other. Pray for Missonary opportunities!

Elder Mason Paul Reid 

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