Monday, October 20, 2014

Blog Letter 10/20/2014

Alright Muy buen día a todos!!

Wanna hear a REALLY funny story at the expense of my companion?

If anyone answered "yes" Shame on you! But its okay I got his permission, wether it was given bitterly or lovingly I dont know. I didnt wanna ask more then once. :) 

So we were waiting for the bus to get home, we where standing and talking for about 10 minutes when we saw the bus, right as we are just about to move to get on the bus my comp realizes he has been standing on an ant hill for the past 10 minutes, and he is covered in ants. These are not just your regular black ants, they have Pitbull heads on them, they got some teeth.

Well we get on the bus, my companion sits down trying to get the ants off his leg through a series of shaking his feet, and swatting with his hands. I am sure everyone thought he was on drugs. I was containing my laughter...well trying to contain it. He literally had ants in his pants. The entire ride you see two kids in white shirts, one laughing, and the other swatting at his legs. Just a great scene. After getting off the bus, and heading home he is in a panic trying to fight the now biting ants. I am sure it was a terrible experience for Elder R, but he was a good sport, and didnt get mad at my laughter. But it did make for a good story. :)

This week has been awesome for us, we are working with a lady who I hope well be baptized within the next two weeks, and another lady who we found yesterday. I will tell more about her next week.

Elder Mason Paul Reid
P.S Remember: We are always going to follow the desires of our heart.
Put God first, then others, then ourselves

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