Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Letter 4/22/2014


I hope you all had a wonderful Easter!! I hope you are all feeling a little chubby for all the chocolate you ate. ;) I am doing great. We didn't eat a whole bunch of chocolate, but the chocolate we did eat was very very good. Here in Argentina they make really big hollow Chocolate eggs that are really good. On the topic of food I would just like to catch you all up on the list of parts of the cow I have eaten. I am sure the list will continue to grow. But I have eaten face meat, kidney, liver, intestine, heart, and blood sausage. I would recommend face meat, heart, and liver. The other parts...not so much. :) 

I should also tell you that I will not be leaving Villa Gobernador Galvez this transfer. It is very odd for a missionary to have as much time as I do in an area, but I am excited to find out why the Lord wants me to stay here for another 6 weeks. I love this city, and all the people in it. I am happy to be here and help the people here. 

This week has been a very full week. It has been a very busy week. We got a lot done, and helped a lot of people. I would just like to share two of the miracles that happened with us this week. We got told by our mission leader that his daughter in law who is not a member, but knows about the church and the priesthood. Well, her little baby son had gone to the doctor and found out that he was missing 4 vertebrae in his spine and that he might not walk. She also happened to have a dream and dreamed about the missionary's and the priesthood. Well she asked our mission leader to invite us over and give her child a blessing. I would like to tell you all that the following day our mission leader let us know that they had gone back to the hospital, taken the X-rays, and the little baby has all four of those missing vertebrae. The power of the priesthood is very real. I know it is. I am so happy for this knowledge. 

Like I said before, this week has been a great week. I am excited to continue working and see what the Lord has planned for us next. 

Love, Elder Mason Paul Reid

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