Monday, December 15, 2014

Blog Letter 12/15/2014


Well hello everyone! I hope you are all having a wonderful week so far! I saw a way that a missionary emailed his family and I kinda liked it, so I am going to try it. Let me know what you think.

Last monday after going to the Ciber and talking to you guys, Elder R and I with two other sisters walked to the Giant Mate, we went into the giant mate store which is a souvenir store but it was SUPER expensive. So we went to the store to the side of the Giant Mate, and we got some souvenirs, I love going into some of the random corner stores here.

Like all Tuesdays we had regular district meeting. After regular district meeting we went and taught some lessons in the tarde. We ended the night teaching our investigator D with some members inside the church it was a great lesson. 

We taught a less active member who is really sick, and has a speech impetiment, we gave him a blessing. B passed her Baptism Interview which is awesome! And we taught a kid some english that had to take his final exam, he knew about as much English as I know German...So I am not sure if he is going to pass... R our recent convert is doing awesome. She has never read the scriptures before, but now she is reading 1 chapter of the Book of Mormon, The bible, and Gospel Principles every day. 

We taught that same kid English, he actually retained the first lesson pretty well. Maybe, just maybe he will pass. We went looking for a lady that we needed to find in order for a person to get baptized in La Paz. We had to go into a Villa, and right as we passed this one are, and talked to a lady we turned around and passed the same spot less then 4 minutes later and it was surrounded with Police with shotguns, and people were fighting...that was cool. 

B GOT BAPTIZED!!! It was a great baptism! A lot of people came and we had a great time. It went out without a hitch! (which has never happened). Elder Reidhead baptized her. It was a great baptism!

We helped a guy push his car to try and start it, as we were practically running, and pushing this car kinda down hill we got close to an intersection, we stopped pushing, but the guy decided not to stop, and ended up T-boning another car...But they got it all figured out. We also taught D, and S, they are two recent converts, that are kinda struggling, So if anyone has any marriage advice it will be welcomed. We also did service in the morning.

We had our stake conference with Pres. Zanni. It was a really good meeting. I felt the spirit really strong. Also D will be baptized this 20th of December she passed her interview!  We taught some good lessons that night. 

All in all this last week has been a good week! I hope you are all doing great!

Elder Mason Paul Reid

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