Monday, December 9, 2013

Letter 12/9/2013

One another week come and gone, That is CRAZY! It feels like just yesterday I was sending Mail. I don't know if that is a good thing or a bad thing. Hopefully a good thing. 

So I decided to start this E-mail out with a funny story. Well it is funny now, not so much when it happened. So friday we had a meeting with the whole zone in Rosario, after the end of the meeting we were running late to our appointment back in Galvez. So I had the brilliant idea to not get off the bus on the normal stop, but take it to the end of Galvez to were our investigator lives. So we where on the bus, and all was going well until it turned off into the other part of Galvez. Me and my companion weren't too worrid we figured that it would eventually return back to San Martin, (the biggest road in Rosario and Galvez. So we stayed, and stayed on the bus. Until it stopped and stopped for the bus drivers break in the very opposite end of Galvez. About 25 minutes from our pench and 35-40 minutes from our investigadors house. So in other words we were VERY late to our appointment. Ha ha. But it all ended out working. That same night we had a dinner with the ward. It was just a giant asada and you only had to bring plates, utensils, and something to drink. We showed up late, due to the bus. We planned on just staying for a second, making some contacts an appointments, but when a couple of the ward members found out that we didnt have plates within three minutes we had about 4. It was really nice. One of the members saw I didnt have a drink he filled up HIS glass and gave it to me. I was just so thankful for the love, and support of this ward. I really do love them. The dinner was a huge success and we ended up having 7 investigadors there. 

Another good thing: We have a person that owns a Kiosko his name is A, he went to the states for thanksgiving, and brought me and my companion back Butterfingers and Milky Ways, He also said he had Peanut Butter on the way. He is such a cool guy. We are hoping we can get him to start investigating here soon. 

The streets are a little crazy. The police have gone on strike, and the people due to the christmas season have begun to rob a lot. It is kinda like Black friday, but more then once a year, and the people dont pay for the stuff. ha The owners have begun to close down the stores. We now have military police gurding the stores. Its kinda crazy. Its called sackeos in spanish. Its just huge groups of people that run into stores and take anything they can. As missionarys we are just told to be really careful. So we are just being very cautious. 

I hope this Christmas season finds everyone well. Dont forger what the christmas season is for. Christ is the reason we have our lives, and the ability to return to our father in heaven. Without him, we would be nothing. Dont forget to remember him in all the craziness of Christmas.
I Love You All!!
Elder Mason Paul Reid 

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