Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Letter 12/17/2013


I have some really really good news, that news is: I am not going to get transferred! I get to stay in my area! I am so happy. We have been seeing a lot of success, and in the next couple of weeks we are expecting at least 4 baptisms. I love this area, and leaving it would have been a bummer. But I get to stay here. 

This week has been a good week, a little crazy, but a good week. We got a new rule that we are no longer allowed to be in the streets after it gets dark; just until the city starts to calm down. It is supposed to get really loco this Friday and Saturday. We are told to have 72 hours worth of water and food, just in case we can't leave our pench. 

Like I said today was a really good week, we have seen a lot of blessings, we found a lot of people that are going to be really good investigators. We contacted a lady because all of our lessons fell through, without us asking she just let us in. As we were explaining a little about the church, she kept saying "well that's just logical" It was nice to have someone so open, and willing to learn. 

We had another lesson with a contact that we found and oh my goodness, he likes to talk. He is one of the people that I fondly call: Gatling Gun talkers. The kind that just go off, and there is just NO end to when it is going to stop. You can try to interrupt them in order to teach, but unless it is done tactfully and with a delicate touch, well you just have no chance they will just talk right through you. 

I am loving the mission. I am loving the time I have here. This time of year is very very very special. My challenge for all of you is to go and read the story of Christs birth as a family, or alone. But read it, and let the miracle of that soak in your mind. 

I love you guys, 
Elder Mason Paul Reid
Luke 2-Story of Christs Birth

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