Monday, October 7, 2013

Letter 10/7/13 Manassas Park VA

Family and Friends! How are you all doing? Boy oh Boy it has been a crazy week. I got my visa, we got to watch conference, and we have a baptism this coming Saturday! Oh the miracles!
Visa: I am still not sure the exact date on when I will be heading to Argentina. My companions are bummed, because we wanted to stay together until I killed them. (killing just means I was with them in their last transfer), But nope, they will die without me. My MTC Companion also got his Visa, I am not sure who else in my district got theirs, but I suspect quite a few. I am so EXCITED! but also a little nervous.
Conference: Well for us we watched conference in the chapel at the church. I have never gotten so much from a conference EVER! It was so so good. My favorite talk was by Gerald Caussie, and his story using Les Miserables was Awesome! I enjoyed Uchtdorfs talk as well "You can get up now" That is so inspiring! I loved how this conference was all about getting back to the basics, Just your basic Commandments, 13 articles of faith, and family. It is so inspiring that in our ever changing, and deteriating world our church, our belief is still just teaching, and living the basics. A lot of the talks used action words, so many said :take up your cross and walk, Yoke up with the Christ. I loved it!
Baptism: We have a husband and wife baptism this Saturday, We have been working with them forever, and now I believe they are ready. I am so excited for them. They are such a cool family. It took them a while to finally accept it, but I know it is going to stick. They are going to be good, strong members of this church.
Well Family, Until Next time. Smile, be happy. I love you all.
Elder Mason Paul Reid
1 Nephi 4:7-9

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