Monday, October 21, 2013

Letter 10/21/2013

Family and Friends, It is official I will be heading to Argentina October 28, for those of you who do not pay attention to what day it is today, that means I will be heading to Argentina in exactly one week. I still have not fully begun to understand it all, and I honestly don't know what to expect when I arrive in Argentina. But my hopes are high, and I am so excited to get there.
This week I have been battling a Sinus Infection, It seems like at this point I am on the winning end of it. But the Sickness sure as not given up without a fight. I got so antibiotics, and as long as I am sufficiently drugged I am okay. :)
Random Note: So I have had a couple times where I have had to eat a dinner, or eat something I would normally never eat. But I am a guest in these peoples homes, and they are kind enough to feed you so, you eat it. But the worse one by far is Seviche, it is this raw fish, lemon, onion, octopus, thing. If any of that sounds good to you guys well let me be the first to say it is baaad. So we go to a members house and guess what...SEVICHE! It is there, and I manage to eat it. We got to the next members house: SEVICHE! Yes that is two members in a row, both serving Seviche, except the second one has Muscles in it. I couldn't do it. I took a couple of bites, and said I was sick (Which is not a lie). My other companion followed suite. Unfortunately my other companion who was not fast enough to think had to eat all the Seviche, He came home, and threw up. He ended up vomiting in the middle of night as well. Poor guy, he was not happy.
So we have been working with a less active for a while, finally she is coming back to church. She also has an unbaptized 9 year old daughter we have begun to teach. She is such a sweet little girl, and reminds me so so much of all the cousins back home. We have really high hopes for this family, and really expect it to be a new start for them.
I love you guys so much.
Elder Mason Paul Reid

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