Tuesday, July 16, 2013

MTC Letter 07/16/2013

So I heard a quote: the first couple days at the MTC are like drinking out of a fire hose, you get a little water but mostly it just hurts your face. Well, I am here as getting through my second week and I cant believe how wonderful it has been. I have had so many wonderful experiences. I just want to start out by thanking everyone for the letters, and the packages. I love them, its so nice to hear from home.
So one of my favorite things about the MTC so far is the progressing investigator, its really just a teacher but it feels real, and the spirit is really there. I can't believe how amazing it is when they commit to baptism or follow up on commitments. I just want to get out there and experience the real thing. The joy of the gospel is just so fullfilling. My teacher was talking to us during class and he said something along the lines of dont be afraid to preach the gospel, The gospel is good news. When you have good news you want to tell everyone, its just good news. Well the gospel is the best news you could ever bring to anyone, so be proud, be bold, and share this wonderful news. I remember during one of the lessons me and my companion were teaching, the lesson was going well, and the spirit was guiding us in another direction then my written out lesson, I didnt know if my spanish could handle it, and I went with my lesson. It was still good, but not as good as it could have been. It reminded me of the apostle Paul, he was walking on water, and he looked back at the boat, and his faith wavered and he started to sink. That was me. I looked back at my lesson and my faith wavered. I have since learned from that experience, and took comfort in the fact that if the lord wants me to speak about something else, he is going to give me the words to do so.
I would just like to end with a scripture: Dueteronomy 31:6-8, this scripture is a lo of help, because I know that if I am following the commandments, and have christ with me, I cant fail, because it is literally impossible for Christ to fail.

Elder Reid

What would you guys do back then? Would you believe? Would you have faith to leave everything behind? Just a deep thought of the day.

 A random photo 

From my walk from Tuesday devotional at the Marriott Center.

We can't be always be serious. 

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