Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Blog letter 5/5/2015

Well hello everyone! This week has been a great week! I dont have my agenda to be able to tell you about every day of the week, but I can tell you that it has been a great week!

Some of the highlights: We had a really fun Family night here in the church on Friday. A lot of people came, and we had a lot of fun. 

Saturday we got flu shots...I think I scared the nurse, when she stuck the needle in my arm I let out a shout, and started to groan. She looked at me really nervouse...until I started to laugh and she realized I was joking. 

Also transfers: I am now with Elder B. He is from Arizona. He is a great missionary. He has 1 1/2 years in the mission. We are the oldest companionship in the Zone. Elder B. is a hard worker, and knows a lot about how to be a successful missionary. I had met him before in Leadership councils. He was a Zone Leader in rosario, while I was a zone leader in ParanĂ¡. 

It was really sad to say goodbye to Elder P. He taught me a lot about how to be a loving missionary. He was full of charity, and really helped me out a lot. It was sad to see him go. 

With the begining of a new transfer we are planning, and setting a lot of goals! We are going to be seeing a lot of success, and we are going to be working hard. Its time to sprint, and not stop! 

I love you all so much!

Elder Mason Paul Reid

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